Drift Hunter 2 : Ready To Play ?

The sequel to the second part of the drifting madness is now available! Cars of luxury, burned tires, and insane speed. Let the beast out of your brand new vehicle and demonstrate how the real drifting kings do his tricks. The fans of NFS (need to speed) series beware! Tuning has returned to the old fashion way and you can alter almost everything. It is possible to tune the car in finest finer detail, and your brain will be engrossed in a different. driving, realm. You can adjust and change practically everything. Color, graphics as well as car parts. Set braking points, and adjust Turbo boost mechanism. Does that do it all? Not even close! You only need to look around this garage and you’ll be awestruck! Set your car set up on an track and get ready for the most insane drifting experience ever! This is Drift Hunters 2 in a nutshell.NOTE This game will be more demanding for the performance of your PC which means you will have long loading times. Take this into consideration. Link To Play : Drift Hunters 2